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Alita linear air pumps(diaphragmatic blowers and exhausters)

AL-40, AL-60, AL-80AL-40, AL-60, AL-80

48 W - 86 W   
pressure: up to 220 mbar   
capacity: 6 - 140 l/min

AL-100, AL-120,  AL-150, AL-200AL-100, AL-120,
AL-150, AL-200

120 W - 261 W   
pressure: up to 260 mbar   
capacity: 6 - 240 l/min

AL-250, AL-300, AL-400AL-250, AL-300, AL-400

240 W - 440 W   
pressure: up to  260 mbar   
capacity: 6 - 540 l/min

AL-6A, AL-6SA, AL-15A, AL-15SAAL-6A, AL-6SA, AL-15A, AL-15SA

13 W - 26 W   
pressure: up to 100 mbar   
capacity: 6 - 22 l/min

OEM seriesOEM series

48 W - 124 W   
pressure: up to 220 mbar   
capacity: 6 - 180 l/min

ALITA linear air pumps are designed to deliver high volume of steady airflow at low pressure ranges. ALITA linear air pumps are compact high-capacitance linear air pumps with the low energy consumption and perform with low noise level. With no sliding parts and oil-less components. This kind of air pumps requires no lubrication and transfer air without any contamination.

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