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Aeration membrane

Technical parameters
max. air flow per meter length per hour max. 10 m³ / m.h

recommended air flow per meter length per hour

2,5 - 8 m³ / m.h
temperature of the air injected into the membrane max. 70 °C
percent of O2 transfer at standard conditions per meter of aerator immersion 6,5% / m water depth
pressure loss depending on air flow 30 - 50 mbar
outside diameter 65 mm
wall thickness 0,5 mm
membrane surface width at light press 102 mm
material (constantly elastic and resistance against hydrolysis and microbe influence) polyurethan elastomer


Fine-bubble aeration membrane - compact and universal due to its high oxygenation efficiency and long lifetime in the aeration process.


Manual for aeration membrane ECO-68


Benefits of the aeration membrane:


> regular and continuous bubble production all over whole aerator length (up to 30m)
> no liquid is leaking in after operation stop or membrane choking
> minimal pressure lost
> optimized shape, density and size of perforation
> high rigidity
> long lifetime (in common wastewater up to 12 years)
> optimal wall thickness ensuring high mechanical endurance
> excellent chemical resistance
> membrane enables automatic condensation drain off


Aeration membrane - applications:

> building of the new water treatment plants
> reconstruction and intensification of the existing water treatments plants
> intensification of the fish ponds
> aeration of the water streams and pools
> mixture of the galvanic baths and the neutralization pools
> agitation of the suspenses
> biodegradation of the oil sludges
> biotechnology...

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