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Piston vacuum systems VPV



- not required operation liquid - oil-free operation
- the pumps reach deep vacuum
- low noisiness
- compact construction
- low weight
- do not contaminate the transported gas
- easy installation
- low temperature at the pump head
- long life-time




- printing industry
- food industry
- packaging industry
- laboratory and medical equipment
- automation




The basic principle of the piston pumps is based on linear reversible movement of the piston (1) in the cylinder (2). The piston is moving by piston rod (3), which is driven by the winch by force of cam mechanism  (4) – conversion of rotary motion to linear. The piston is sealed towards the cylinder by the piston ring (5), which has high thermal conductivity and low friction without need to lubricate it. By movement of the piston in the cylinder downward the air is sucked through a one-way suction valve (6) into the compression chamber. By movement of the piston upwards, the air is pushed away by the one-way exhaust valve (7).



Model VPV 100VT VPV 200VT

Input power (W)

250 W 500 W

Noise Level 

63 dB 63 dB


19,7 kg 21,5 kg

Outlet port ø

3/8” 3/8”

Max. Vacuum Rate

866 mbar 866 mbar

Max. Volume Flow

75 L / min 180 L / min

Volume tank

30 L 30 L

Rated Voltage (V)

230V / 50Hz 230V / 50Hz

Thermal Protector

135 ± 5% °C 135 ± 5% °C

Cover IP

IP 54 IP 54

Product Dimension (mm)

700 x 300 x 550 mm 700 x 300 x 550 mm


The single phase machines are designed with a +/- 10 % tolerance. Information presented is based on test results from nominal units. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Vacuum pumps Rotary vane RV, Piston pumps VP, Luquid ring pump LRDatasheets (pdf/3MB)

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