IN-ECO - Air and Vacuum Components - Roots blowersAir and Vacuum




  • wide performance spectrum from 24 m³/h up to 18 300 m³/h
  • energy effective operation
  • difference of the operation pressure up to 800 mbar





  • aeration systems in waste water treatment plants
  • the departments for the drinkable water adjustment
  • chemical industry – plastic processing
  • cement factories and lime works – conveyance of ground limestone, cement
  • conveyance of aggressive gases
  • industrial cauldrons
  • pneumatic conveyance of incompact materials and granules
  • food industry – brewery, fermentation
  • textile industry – instrumental operations with fibers
  • vacuum techniques
  • thermal power stations – conveyance of fly ash by the dry way, conveyance of limestone to the cauldrons, conveyance of air to burners
  • atomic power stations – air sampling, creating of light negative pressure in rooms, sucking of polluted steams

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