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Vodokružné vývevy LR



- oil-free operation
- they are suitable for suction of gases and vapors
- they can reach relatively deep vacuum
- they are able to work simultaneously
  with the gas and liquid
- anti cavitation protection is ensured by
  installation of anti-cavitation valve
- safe operation with minimal maintenance
- smooth running without vibration
- economic operation




- Chemical industry
- Food industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Paper Industry
- Packaging industry
- Evaporation and drying




Rotor with fixed blades (1) is rotating in the stator (2), in which is situated eccentrically. Water ring is created from the service liquid (3) by the centrifugal force. The vacuum is formed and the pressure is changed in the compression chambers (4) between the blades and water ring. During the operation, the pump has to be supplied by adequate quantity of service liquid to achieve desired performance. Service liquid is also very useful for cooling of the liquid ring vacuum pump and for receiving possible contamination of sucked gas.



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